Frequently Asked Questions

What are CIK Strength Resistance Bands?

CIK Strength Resistance Bands are fabric resistance bands with sewn in rubber grip strip that ensure the bands do not roll up, pinch or snap and stay in place. CIK Strength bands are incredibly comfortable to use even on bare skin and have been tested by women of all sizes.

What material are CIK Strength Resistance Bands made from?

CIK Strength Resistance Bands are made with premium quality sturdy polyester cotton fabric to help lift your booty and tone your legs and abs

What are the different resistance levels of the CIK Strength Resistance Bands?

CIK Strength bands come in 3 unique colours with 3 different resistance levels.
Pink - Light: Perfect for beginners and for a wide range of movements like lunges.

Purple - Medium: Ideal for progression as you get stronger.

Black - Heavy: Perfect for advanced exercises such as deadlifts.

How do I care for my CIK Strength Resistance Bands?

Your CIK Strength fabric resistance bands should be hand washed with warm water and a mild soap.
Hang them to dry, do not place under the sun or in a dryer Make sure they are completely dry before next use

How do I contact CIK Strength?